About Aquaa-Blue

  • Aquaa-Blue’s core competencies include the design, assembly, and customer support for water purification systems.
  • Our product suite ranges from simple Filtration units to Reverse osmosis systems that are geared toward both domestic and international use, such as light commercial products, food service units, and systems for stores that sell purified water.
  • Additionally, our industrial customers, such as multinational companies, Mineral water manufacturers, laboratories, and restaurants have direct access to our sales and support staff for questions involving water chemistry, troubleshooting, and product recommendations.
  • Every year, our staff visits prospective customers in the field to make suggestions and design new and custom made systems based on the unique needs of our market.
  • Furthermore, these are just a few of the elements in our client-based vision which show that in the coming years, Nature Pure is poised to take the initiative in one of the most crucial concerns in the world today: the need for clean, useful, and drinkable water.
  • Our water treatment plants cater to various applications like drinking, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductors, Mineral water, process, Boiler feed, cooling and chilling circuits and many more.