Mineral Water Plants

The Commercial RO Plants are best suitable for drinking water purification, effluent and wastewater purification, dialysis, food processing industry, car washing, fruit syrup production, hydrogen production, in reef aquariums boiler feed water, Ice making units, Commercial mineral water selling units, etc.

Water Softeners

Incorporates high capacity polystyrene bead type cation exchange;
resin which is remarkably stable and has a long life.
Industrial Softeners Applications :
1.Boiler feed
2.Process water in textile mills
3.Beverage manufacture
4.Laundry and air conditioning plants
5.Cooling tower make-up
6.Jacket cooling

Packaged Drinking Plants

AQUAA BLUE Packaged reverse osmosis systems are typically used whenever salt removal or deionization is required. Packaged Reverse osmosis removes more than 97%-99% of the total dissolved solids along with organics, bacteria and other particulates. AQUAA BLUE is capable of designing, manufacturing and delivering Packaged RO (reverse osmosis) systems of any scale.

Sand & Carbon Filters

We offer a comprehensive range of sand filter systems, which is used to produce effluent that is low in suspended solids. In our Sand and Carbon Filter the filtration process consists of passing water effluent through filter medium that strain out colloidal particles such as fine sand, anthracite, earth particles or filter fabric.

DM Plants

DM Plants are used in the following areas.
Battery top up
Laboratory and research institutions
Electroplating and mirror silvering

UV Systems

The sterilized microorganisms are not removed from the water. UV disinfection does not remove dissolved organics, inorganic compounds or particles in the water. However, UV-oxidation processes can be used to simultaneously destroy trace chemical contaminants and provide high-level disinfection. Aquaa Blue disinfection Technology. Aquaa Blue offering all sizes of UV Sterilizers from 250 Liters per hour to 25,000 Liters per hour.


Ozone generators models:
1) Ozone generator for Swimming pool use
2) Ozone generator for pharmaceutical use
3) Ozone generator for Mineral water plants
4) Ozone generator for Textiles use

Sewage Treatment Plant(STP)

Acute Shortage of water which mankind faces today is due to rampant pollution and extravagant use. Treating water with care to meet the quality requirement is the need of the hour. We at AQUAA BLUE, remove pollutants from wastewater, recycle and recover the other valuable products for reuse, reducing waste and pollution, in short, protecting the environment. We know that 75% of the world's freshwater resources are contaminated, the remaining is fast disappearing. Soon how well we survive will depend on how well we conserve water. Thankfully technology has advanced enough to offer us choices in water conservation. AQUAA BLUE's newly developed technology has resulted in machines with better efficiency, less power consumption and is more compact in terms of size and weight.

Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP)

AQUAA BLUE is the company, which provides a complete solution for Effluent Treatment, recycling and zero discharge.
a) Effluent Treatment
b) Effluent Re-Cycling
c) Reject Management
d) Waste Recovery
With an effective “Research & Development”, we have concluded that we require a combination of technologies to achieve effective “Waste Water Treatment” by implementing high end technologies.