Our Services

Our products are backed-up and serviced by our own service technicians, engineers who have experience in trouble shooting and solving such problems. We hope you will take interest in our range of products and we shall be happy to provide more information regarding our systems whenever desired by you.
We provide services for the following :

Reverse Osmosis Plants, Softeners, De-Mineralisers, Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plant, Mineral Water Plants, Bottling Plants, Filling Machines, Carbonators, Pressure Filters, Electric Dosing Systems, Ozonators, Chlorine Generator

Our Services and Products are mostly applied in the following areas:
Domestic (Home).
For common utility in Apartments.
For common utility in School, Hospitals, Restaurants, Temples,Mosque, Malls, Theatres, Railway Stations and Community Halls.
Offices and Corporate Houses.
Poultry Farms.
Green Houses.
Kidney Dialysis.
Pharmaceuticals Companies.
Chemical Industries.
Boilers and Cooling Towers.
Swimming Pools.
Soft Drink Manufacturing.
Ice Manufacturing.
Package Drinking Water.
Food and Beverages.
Village Community Drinking Projects.